Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I cancelled my hazard insurance policy ( Policy No : XXXX ) with XXXX on XX/XX/2016 because I found a better policy. The policy was active from XX/XX/2016 XX/XX/2016. The balance for this month was {$92.00}, which I paid on XX/XX/2016 ( confirmation no : XXXX ). XXXX took the money out of my XXXX account on XX/XX/2016. They then sent me another bill on XX/XX/2016 for the {$92.00} that I had already paid. I spoke with XXXX @ XXXX and faxed to her a copy of the confirmation receipt that XXXX emailed to me ( fax no : XXXX ). I thought everything was taken care of but on XX/XX/2016, I received a letter from Receivable Management Services ( RMS, a collections agency ) stating that I owe {$92.00}. I called XXXX and spoke with XXXX. I then called RMS and spoke with XXXX and emailed her a copy of the same receipt I sent to XXXX + copy of my XXXX statement showing the payment. I called XXXX and demanded to speak to their XXXX, XXXX. I left him a voicemail but he did not call me back. I followed up with XXXX on XX/XX/2016 and spoke with XXXX She stated that my account was ” closed as of XX/XX/2016 ” and that no balance was on the account. The date did not make sense but I was satisfied hearing that my account was closed. BUT on XXXX, I received a call from RMS Collections, this time from XXXX, stating that my account was not closed and that I still owe {$92.00}!!!! This company is harassing me for a balance that was PAID IN FULL. RMS Collections has the ability to report this bogus claim to the credit bureaus and I have plans on refinancing my home in a few m months. I have attempted numerous times to speak with the manager at XXXX but nobody is calling me back.

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