Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I received the attached email from Speedy Loans threatening to take me to court and have me arrested for a debt that was discharged on XXXX/XXXX/2010. I have not taken out any other loans with this company since 2010 so not sure why they are contacting me and threatening me. I think I received a call from them about 2 years ago and when I asked them for information they had on me for this loan, they gave me a social security number that was not mine and I told them that at the time. I do n’t know what this is all about but now they are sending me threatening emails to my work place. I was working for the same company when I filed my Chapter XXXX BK. They did not provide a phone number, only an email address to respond to and the sender is using a ” gmail ” email address. This is the email address they want me to respond to : XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX mailto : XXXXXXXXXXXX I have also attached a copy of their email communication regarding this debt. All they have is a case number but no account number either and they want almost {$9000.00} for a debt that they have on file for {$840.00}! Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

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