Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I just got off the phone with Consolidated RCVY Grp at XXXX. I called them and she called me back because I had disputed a debt with XXXX with them. She claimed to have talked to me in XXXX and I was upset at the time because I thought the matter had been resolved in XXXX. The address where the debt had been reportedly incurred is XXXX where I lived in XXXX. This makes the debt more than 7 years old. She admitted that it was at least 8 years old since in XXXX her notes said I was upset since I thought it had been resolved in XXXX. If it ‘s the debt I ‘m thinking of, it was a service that I had told I was discontinuing and they went ahead and billed me anyways, back in XXXX. I refused to pay and had maintained records of my discussions with them about how their services were not properly rendered and how I had disputed their debt over & over again, and if it ‘s that debt and I thought it had been resolved in XXXX, then CLEARLY in XXXX they should not have been attempting collection again. And never should have reported it to XXXX. If it is not THAT debt, then I have no idea what debt they ‘re talking about. So today I asked the lady to provide me with proof of the debt. She became defensive and kept talking about how XXXX would get in touch with her. I explained that I wanted to know what the debt was and that as the consumer she was trying to collect from, I wanted proof of the debt. She said, ” Oh, then you know all about XXXX, do n’t you? ” and something about assuming I did not know anything about XXXX and did not know what I was talking about. I again said I wanted her to provide me with proof of the debt she claimed I had. She hung up on me and will not answer the phone any more. This is offensive and outrageous that she is still trying to collect a debt that by her own admission is more than 8 years old, that she appears to have XXXX proof of, and when she was not able to get me to pay, she reported it to XXXX ( and probably the other credit agencies as well ). Her manner with me when she started talking about XXXX was demeaning and abusive and she should not be permitted to collect old, out of date debts with tactics of refusing to give someone evidence or even the slightest bit of information about the debt, itself, reporting an OLD debt to the credit agencies, and being demeaning and abusive to the consumer ( who she apparently has no proof is even a debtor ), when on phone calls trying to resolve it. She claimed I had hung up on her office 5 years ago, and if they had been this abusive and un-responsive, I certainly understand why. At the time, I woudl not have had their information to make a complaint, but because they made a report to XXXX after that discussion, ( reported in XXXX of XXXX XXXX, and they CLAIM in thier report to XXXX that when we talked I said I thought the debt was resolved in XXXX, which makes it CLEAR that they knew the debt was at least 3 years old at the time and in thier report to XXXX, they claimed ” date opened : XXXX, XXXX ” … which MAY be the date that the original fraudulent creditor sold the debt to them but it is NOT when the original claimed debt occurred because even by our conversation today she admits that it had to have been incurred before XXXX …. per her own office ‘s notes in her own system. REALLY offensive behavior and an apparently fraudulent report of a {$46.00} debt past due. for more than a decade ( the address they claim the debt was incurred at, is XXXX I sold in XXXX which if the debt EVER WAS incurred or if I was the correct person that they wanted to claim was a debtor even though I dispute the debt being incurred … if that address was correct, then the debt is AT LEAST 10 years old. Of course we have no idea the real age of the debt becaue the collector does n’t provide the proof of debt despite messing up my credit rating!

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