Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This company placed a debt from XXXX on my Credit Report on or around XXXX. The only way I knew it was placed there was through monitoring of my credit report. No mailings or phone calls were sent or received at all! I immediately phoned them to tell them that this was a XXXX claim involving an Attorney. I provided the name and number of the Attorney and requested the accounts be removed from all XXXX ( 3 ) credit reporting agencies immediately! It is now XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and they still have not removed XXXX of the accounts – XXXX. In calling this morning, XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, I was given to a Supervisor, XXXX. He was rude, and told me that they did n’t have to remove anything. I asked XXXX who they report to, and he advised ” No one! ” I asked to be transferred to someone else, so he transferred me to an empty line which hung up on me. In calling back, I asked to speak with a Supervisor, other than XXXX, so XXXX XXXX answered the phone. He advised that he was the General Manager and would process a XXXX form to the credit bureaus and send a copy to my email. I advised him that I ‘ve been told before by his company that this would be taken care of and it still has not! I advised XXXX XXXX that this company is hindering me from moving forward, as my credit report is marked with something that is NOT my responsibility and legally can not and should not have been placed on my report. This needs to stop immediately! There are consumers out there that should be protected from companies such as this XXXX.

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