Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX XXXX, I spoke to Macy ‘s Customer Service about a {$25.00} fee on my account. They agreed to remove the fee and I paid my remaining account balance off in-full. However, Macy ‘s never removed the {$25.00} fee and each month additional fees were added to my account without my knowledge. ( Since I did n’t make anymore purchases, and knew I paid my account off in-full, I considered the in-coming statements junk mail. ) Then, at the end of XXXX, I started getting calls from Macy ‘s collection department. I explained the situation several times, but continued to receive XXXX to XXXX calls a day to collect the alleged {$96.00} past due balance. In XXXX, I brought all my statements into my local Macy ‘s department store, but found out they no longer have Customer Service representatives in the store — they referred me to their CS telephone and I again waited XXXX minutes to speak to someone and got nowhere.

After complaining to the XXXX XXXX in the store ‘s employment office, she call Macy ‘s Special Collection Department and got them to remove all fees — bringing my account to a zero balance. She asked if I could get confirmation of the adjustment, but was told, ” No, it would be seen on my account. ” Now, it is XXXX XXXX, XXXX, and I already received a phone call from Macy ‘s Collection at XXXX this morning. Half the time when I answer the phone no one is on the other end to talk to me. Other times, I get a person and have to argue with them for several minutes in order to get them to read the notes on my account — after which they come back on the line, confirm I have a XXXX balance, and apologize the phone call — but the CALLS KEEP COMING!!!

At this point, I feel I am being harassed in my own home for a debt I do not owe! I have asked them to stop calling ; and, I have written to Macy ‘s on-line Customer Service several times to complain, but they continue to send back the same response in which they refer me back to the collections department. I have even asked that my account be closed — but I get nowhere!

This situation is driving my whole family crazy! I really feel like the only way to get Macy ‘s Collection Department to stop calling is to pay the {$96.00}, but I refuse to do that because the entire balance represents fees on top of fee that I was told would be removed from my account — not merchandise!

Please help me!

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