Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was a XXXX customer for 8 long and frustrating years. I had little to no signal and experienced XXXX dropped calls & choppy calls. After years of ” we will add new towers in your area soon ” I switched to XXXX. XXXX sold me a phone w/LTE technology. They PROMISED me the new technology would solve my connection problems. They switched to XXXX technology the same week that they sold me the phone. They sold me a useless phone. This same phone was stolen from my shop 2 weeks after I switched. I had it blocked. I also discovered that I had been paying on a phone that I paid for in full at date of purchase. 6 months of wrongful payment for the XXXX phone. I was told I owed on the phones. The cust serv rep at XXXX ASSURED ME they would waive IN FULL the phones ( again, one I had already paid for ) upon termination of service. At that point I owed {$280.00}. I offered them {$140.00} to resolve the issue. The other {$140.00} was ONE DAY ( less than 24 hrs ) of service into the next billing cycle. I offered a prorated payment of {$250.00} to cover the extra day. They refused. My offer to pay the {$140.00} still stands, but all credit references must disappear with said payment, as well as all calls from debt collection agencies and all of their annoying robocalls. They now say I owe {$830.00}. Please understand that ” what i owe ” is many numbers. When I call I can get as many as XXXX different ” you owe ” totals. Its all XXXX. I ” technically ” owe them less than {$140.00}. Im no longer interested in paying the {$140.00} as they have cost me far more than that in aggrevation. I was a customer for 8 years with NOT ONE SINGLE LATE PAYMENT EVER for crying out loud, & aside from this issue I have PERFECT credit. They have sent this ” fictional debt ” to many different collection agencies, all of which have harassed me relentlessly. The calls are all hours day and night, even at XXXX and XXXX XXXX. They have hindered my sleep and caused me financial loss. I would like to seek retribution. I have an attorney of my own that knows me well. I am also getting dozens of robocalls daily. One happened at XXXX as I typed this. Conclusion : XXXX has been sued by many agencies for many dishonest practices. This is just another example of their dishonest business tactics.
XXXX if you SAY you will waive the phones, and SAY ” your phones are waived. You no longer owe on the phones ”, THEY SHOULD ACTUALLY DO IT!!

The ” imaginary debt ” has been sent to Maury Cobb & Associates LLC.
Id also like to say since I switched to XXXX my life has vastly improved. My customers can actually hear my voice. Ive experienced less than XXXX dropped calls, I have coverage EVERYWHERE, and I get cell phone reception, not excuses. I should have switched 8 years ago.

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