Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have been getting at least three calls per day from rausch sturm XXXX enerson & hornik. It is a robo-call, and I have no idea what it is in regards to because I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged last year, and I have checked my credit report and not found any accounts in collection. On top of this, I sent a cease and desist letter which included my bankruptcy discharge notice to the ” law firm ” which was received by someone there back on XXXX XXXX, 2015. I have still been getting at least three calls per day. I am being harassed. I even had my attorney call and ask them to stop. The person with whom he spoke told him the calls would stop, then I got yet another call just now. I finally called them myself and XXXX XXXX from the XXXX office basically said he thought I was lying about the calls and declined to listen to XXXX of the XXXX+ messages I have saved to my phone from after the firm received my cease and desist. If this is not harassment, I do not know what is. Please hold them accountable!

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