Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX of 2011, I lost service from XXXX XXXX for over 3 weeks. During that time, no technicians could come to properly investigate why none of my services were working. When the technician arrived, he told me that the issue lies within another technician disconnecting my services and using my line to work for another household. He rectified the problem, and I let XXXX know that I had XXXX services from them for that time and would need a prorated amount. I paid the XXXX $ that they owed, and paid the next months bill. They continued to try and charge me full price for the 3 weeks without service.

Skip ahead 2 years, I had XXXX XXXX again in the XXXX market for 2 more years with no issues, but then they attempted to send my account to collections even though i was a current customer!

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