Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Received bill for around {$180.00} and XXXX charges for a total of {$45.00}. Paid {$180.00} my XXXX deductible by check.. I would have paid {$45.00} but I have medicare and a rap around insurance and should not have to pay because my coverage. ( I really do not believe they applied to my insurance ). Also the XXXX entries {$45.00} were ( patient not known ) beside each. When I was speaking to rep from billing dept. she told me not to pay that, because I asked her about it. The calls every week ( I even called and them and said I would be glad to pay but thats why I have extra insurance for ) and I over and over explained to each person that I had insurance and they reluctantly took the info down ) .Each time the rep acted as if it was the first time they heard about it. I have had this problem with medical service. I give my medicare info and rap around insurance, then low and behold they do not file with my insurance. I guess too much trouble. Now the BURAEU OF MEDICAL ECONOMICS IS A CALLING. I must say I pay all my bills, and never refuse what I owe. Repeatedly I have talked to persistent reps and they say ok and -keep calling. By the way the next billings were changed to {$45.00} XXXX with no patient not known entry ), Funny thing a day ago I got another bill from the hospital for the original {$45.00} and an additional charge for {$12.00} for a visit to the facility. Now if I know they did not bill my insurance. HELP!!! I must tell you, I love my doctors and my hospital and I would never try and escape from paying I never will and I never have. *note : I checked the debt is not mine but is is mine.

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