Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Please help me as a loan servicer, XXXX Mortgage, has erroneously reported foreclosure debt forgiveness income to the IRS on a XXXX, and they seem unable to fix it! I did not have any debt or a foreclosure with XXXX!

Here is some history : I executed a deed-in-lieu with XXXX XXXX XXXX in XXXX XXXX. In XXXX XXXX I was notified that they had transferred my ” loan ” to another servicer, Specialized Loan Servicing ( SLS ). This was obviously a mistake as XXXX owned the property at this point. It took most of XXXX to work with SLS management to get my account closed, and I filed a complaint with CFPB ( Case number XXXX ). Unfortunately, in XXXX XXXX SLS transferred my ” account ” to yet another servicer, XXXX, even though my account was closed! I was furious, but SLS said there was no way to stop the data transfer. SLS assured me XXXX would clear up the matter quickly as it was obvious I did not actually owe debt. Then in XXXX XXXX I received a XXXX for ” debt forgiveness ” from SLS, as they had closed my account as a foreclosure! ( I had of course already received a XXXX from XXXX for tax year XXXX. ) Over the next several months I worked with SLS managers to get the XXXX rescinded from the IRS, get the duplicate foreclosure and delinquent payment reporting off my credit report, and worked with XXXX to get my account closed. All these issues take so long because every time I call these companies I have to wait 30-60 minutes on hold before I get through, and when I do, most of the time the customer service rep does n’t know what to do, transfers me to the wrong department, or tells me they ca n’t help. Any investigation into my documents requires I engage some ” research department ” whom I can not contact directly for status. Customer service reps often misinterpret the research dept ‘s status, telling me the issue is resolved when it is not. Finally, XXXX closed my account around XXXX XXXX.

My Current Situation : In XXXX XXXX, I received another XXXX for ” debt forgiveness ” from XXXX! This is because, when they finally closed my account, they documented it in their computer system as a ” foreclosure ” which automatically generates a XXXX Over two months and XXXX or XXXX phone calls later, I have still not gotten XXXX to rescind the XXXX. I have been given the name of a manager who apparently says he is going to work the issue with ” the corporate office ”, however I can not contact him directly. I am getting really worried as I have to file my taxes in a few weeks and I can not do so with {$150000.00} of false ” income ” being reported to the IRS.

I am very concerned as my financial information and credit reputation are in the hands of dysfunctional companies staffed with incompetent people whose slightest error can cause me hundreds of hours of work. I am very concerned that XXXX will not rescind the XXXX in time for me to file my taxes. I am very concerned that somehow, though my account is closed, my information will be transferred to another servicer who will start trying to bill me for a property I do not own.

Attached is documentation of this issue, from the original XXXX with XXXX XXXX XXXX, through SLS, to XXXX. Please warn all three of these institutions not to transfer my closed accounts. This last bout with XXXX has caused me a great deal of stress.

Please help me with the following : – Get XXXX to rescind the erroneous XXXX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ( 2 weeks or less ).
– Get XXXX to guarantee they will not transfer my information to another lender. Would rather they delete me from their system.

Thank you. I believed filing a CFPB complaint helped me with SLS and I ‘m glad to have this recourse available.


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