Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I brought my son in for treatment this XXXX for XXXX. I thereafter got XXXX my insurance information ( which was to entirely cover the {$800.00} bill ) – this was to be fully covered as per XXXX ‘s conversation with my son ‘s insurer XXXX. XXXX told me it was all taken care of. They then did not take care of it and sent a debt collector after me – AR Resources. I was notified of a credit score drop yesterday – when I looked into it I saw a debt outstanding from this charge. MAJOR ISSUE is that AR Resources never contacted me – EVER! So I called today, and they refused to give me XXXX ‘s contact information. I WANT THIS FIXED as my credit score due to this has gone from 730 to 660! In addition, the woman I spoke to at AR was nasty, obnoxious and told me ” the only way to handle this is to pay off the debt you owe ” – that ‘s when I asked for a manager and he said that she was wrong and would be reprimanded – I then gave him my son ‘s insurance information and they said they ‘d call back with an update. What kind of corrupt nonsense is this?!?!

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