Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I am so grateful Senator XXXX XXXX established This organization and President Obama set XXXX Director.
TARGET is attempting to collect {$240.00} which I do not owe.
XX/XX/XXXX I was hospitalized. My Son made {$20.00} payment on acct for flat screen TV.
XX/XX/XXXX acct was paid in full BEFORE year purchase.
I receive demand for {$25.00} late fee. This fee was set because My Son did not pay {$25.00} XXXX TARGET determined {$5.00} was late, therefore, I owed {$30.00}.
I called TARGET, placed messages for CEO. Contacted Billing, speaking to someone in another country advising the fee is legitimate. Having paid acct in full mattered not.
Calls, connections, TARGET reps calling to say the problem was handled. And …
There is Collection Agency threatening lawsuit, threatening to RUIN my Excellent credit which I have worked determinedly to preserve.
I am senior, can not afford RUINED CREDIT resulting from TARGET XXXX determination to collect {$240.00} because My son, trying to help, made {$20.00} payment instead of {$25.00}.
Paying full balance as soon as I was released from Hospital, having Always paid more than {$25.00} month meant nothing to TARGET.
My TV was purchased XX/XX/XXXX. Paid in full XX/XX/XXXX.
TARGET received payments {$40.00}, {$50.00} and more. I was excellent TARGET customer. And now MY GOOD CREDIT is being ruined all because of {$5.00}.
HELP, Please.
Do not allow TARGET to ruin My credit nor XXXX, XXXX, Florida to bring lawsuit for an charge I DO NOT OWE. Thank You.
Currently I am almost homeless due to Toxic mold in My Apt XXXX I can not live in Toxic Apt XXXX
I am sleeping on Friend, Family sofas. Mail goes to RA. My Son collects when He has time. This time in My Life is nothing I would have ever expected as respectable & responsible Senior.
I can not afford for My Good Credit to be ruined especially if I must, regretfully, from place I ‘ve resided nearing to XXXX years.
My Good Credit permitted TARGET to open Acct immediately for an almost Five hundred dollar flat screen television. Should I have to move I will require, must have Good to Excellent Credit which TARGET has determined to destroy because of not receiving {$5.00}.

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