Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was alerted by my bank last year that this company put a collection on my credit report. I contcted the business they were collecting for, XXXX XXXX, and I was told that XX/XX/XXXX could not do anything to erase this report even though they had the wrong person ( me! ) I finally received a notice about 4 months ago and got a phone number. I called and talked to a ” supervisor ”. I explained that they have me confused with my son. After checking social security numbers on the account, they confirmed it was not me. This liar of a lady assured me she was going to contact the credit bureaus and send me a confirmation letter stating that this was not me and it should be erased from my reports.

I never received a letter, nor was it removed from my credit reports.

I contacted them this past Monday, XXXX XXXX, 2016. I talked to this oh so pleasant lady. Once we confirmed that my Social Security number was no where in the system and I had nothing to do with the account of my sons, she told me it was not their problem to call the credit bureaus and have it removed. It was my problem. She proceeded to tell me I was a no good parent for not teaching my son to put XXXX at the end of his name and then she hung up on me when I got loud with her.

This piece of horse dung company thinks they can bully people.

Not me!!!

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