Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was a resident in a rent stabilized LIHTC complex and subject to the requirements of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal. There were numerous violations and because of my notifying the DHCR, the attorney general and the housing authority, the landlord refused to offer me a lease renewal and chose to file a Petition for Posession of Premises ( Holdover ) In the Petition, the Petitioner also asked the Court for ” rent in arrears ” In my defense, I prsented evidence that I did not owe any rent as my rent was paid to date. In the Court ‘s Decision, the Petitioner was awarded a Warrant for my eviction. However, the Petitioner was not successful in obtaining a Judgment for ” rent arrears. ” I suspect on the ill-gotten advice of his lawyer, the landlord decided to submit the alleged unpaid rent to a collection agency in Maryland. I received a notice from the agency along with a sheet of paper of the alleged debt which was insulting. A 5th grader could have done a better job. Nonetheless, I immediately sent a certified letter disputing such debt and asked for a ” validation. ” The agency basically sent me a duplicate of the 1st version of the alleged debt. It did not have the address of the alleged creditor nor an explanation of the alleged debt. First of all, the landlord and his attorney are well aware that the Court already ruled on arrears. Next, that document is fraudulent. Lastly, landlord ‘s attorney either is inept or he is rolling the dice in hopes by using an agency in another state … … … well just maybe he can sneak this by but even if the could possibly prevail, I am XXXX years old. NO assets, and my only income is social security!
There are other reasons I was targeted but for one reason that was the lesser of the others was that once i no longer resided in that particular apartment, that unit then became, deregulated and THAT is the lanldord ‘s goal to deregulate any units that are rent stabilized! t The landlord has about XXXX of these complexes so he has quite a gig.

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