Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

An negative trademark was placed on my credit report regarding a XXXX account. I have no knowledge of who opened the account or authorized my name to be assosiciated in any way, shape or form with this account. I was never shown any documentation regarding the account or made aware of how my social security number and credit reporting became connected to the account. I was asked to be mailed documentation showing the name of the person who opened the account & was denied. On XXXX, I called and spoke to a representative by the name of XXXX and was told that my name is not listed as the primary person on the account. I never gave my social security to any employee or representative of XXXX. I would like my name and personal information to be disassociated with this account and all negative trade lines removed from my credit report. I do n’t even live at the address where the account was opened! What kind of security company does n’t take the necessary precautions to get the correction information & Identification of people they are allowing ” secure ” access to a home!!!

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