Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XX/XX/XXXXCredit Report Confirmation # XXXX dispute is with the negative entry by Bank of America XXXX BOA XXXX.

When making the telephone call to cancel ( close out ) my BOA credit card I told the woman I talked with that I wanted to sever all contact with BOA. She replied in the affermative that it would be done. Then said that in the event that a charge should appear I want it disregarded and no charge for insufficient funds as my account was closed. She had to talk with her supervisor about this. After this consultation she told me that it was okay. No further activity on my account would occur. I am absolutely positive about this conversation. Am not so sure about the following.

Sometime thereafter I received a charge from BOA. Believe the charge was for insufficient funds. Believe that I called BOA and told them of the arrangement concerning my account closing. I may have received an additional bill by mail but did not receive any more invoices.

I assumed that everything had been settled with BOA until I was turned down for a credit card with XXXX XXXX Bank. Got a credit report and found the negative entry from BOA. Before cancelling my BOA credit card I had previously cancelled ( closed XXXX my bank account. This account was closed because they made errors, one very significant. The branch manager could not believe how badly they had messed up! Now they made another error and they are making me pay ( with a bad credit file ) for another oftheir mistakes!

How long are recordings of conversations with banks kept? My credit file indicates that the problem probably started in XX/XX/XXXX. So my initial tel conversation with BOA probably occurred a max of XXXX months prior. So the voracity of what I said should not be too difficult to confirm.

Many thanks for your investigation of this matter. I have long been a fan of the CFPB since XXXX XXXX initiated it. XXXX further impressed with XXXX XXXX.


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