Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was a fraud victim from someone who opened up a XXXX account with my name and social. I filed a police report and was advised at that time not to send any more personal information to them. The cop went to comcast in person and told them I had submitted proof to him that it was not me. They refuse to take the charge off my account. I contacted them later and they said they could n’t do it bc I needed to file a report on the FTC website. So I did. They still wo n’t take it off. Now I can not get anyone on the phone with XXXX. They keep giving me the run around and have told me TWICE that the fraud dept. will contact me in 72 hours and they have not. I am not 100 % sure of my rights, but if a cop says that I have already proven my innocence, can they still demand more paperwork? Since when should I obey a XXXX rep over the POLICE? I am to the point of backing down to get it over with. I have my proof of residency ready to email, but I ca n’t get anyone to give me an email to send it to. XXXX when I tried to call, they just transferred me to the FTC and hung up. We were both confused as to why we were even on the phone with each other. I do not have a problem with the collection agency because they have removed it twice already with no hesitation. However, XXXX every so often sends it back to the collection agency all over again. I really need help getting XXXX to clear my name. Thank You!

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