Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was given this phone number by the phone compant last XX/XX/XXXX. I have been plagued by debt collectors calling,, asking for every XXXX male name in the book. It is unknown if they are all the same collectors, but they ask for a different name each time if I answer the phone. The month of XXXX XXXX, I was gone to XXXX for one month. I run a business on my phone so phone messages are important. Every business day for about 3 weeks the same debt collector at the same number had a machine, call my number, while I was gone and left an unclear message, missing all but the last half of a sentance, but no identification,, etc. I searched that number using caller id on the internet and found that they were debt collectors, then. But, being out of the country I could n’t them, and why should I? But, I was worried, just in case I had a problem with a debt that i didn ; t know about. Those people filled my voice mail with their calls. I have XXXX digital phone so I have the computer record. Howverr it was not working well while I was gone, which further made this difficult and worrisome. I did not know what I might have missed, How is it that a debt collector, even if the debt were mine, can do this, with their autodialer machine, harrass me, and never identify themselves or explain the reason for the call??? I returned from my trip last night XXXX XXXX, XXXX. First thing this morning i called that number. The man I talked to is in Arizona. He sounded XXXX. and he is a debt collection agency but would not admit it at first because I refused to give him my name. When I told him that I knew who they are, in fact that he is Apple recovery, he admitted it but simply said I ‘m am sorry. This mess caused me time, and grief. if I could I would sue them. In any case, they should be fined for unethical behavior. He admitted, finally, when I gave my first name, that they were not looking for me. or anyone I know, but someone gave them this number. This has got to stop! By the way, I have perfect credit. if someone messes with my good credit I will fight tooth and nail to defend it. I had to do a short sale 3 years ago and I am very protective of my credit.So,, this is very distressing to have this while I am in XXXX and can do nothing about it.

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