Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I lived in Apartment XXXX for 2 years … when my contract ended, I decided to move in apartment XXXX … I paid all my dues to move in. After two weeks, I was a victim of XXXX. I could never get in touch with the manager so, I spoke to his secretary to find out what I needed to do to exit my lease because it was an unsafe place for me and my children. The secretary at the time was XXXX.. she called me back and said because I have n’t live there long, I only had to pay XXXX . I paid the moneies. 3 months later after I left, the manager FINALY called me and told me I had to pay 2 more months of rent … I explained to him that I was n’t told that … I asked if I could arrange a payment plan and he told me I could n’t do it with him. He also told me I had to wait til the collection company contacted me! I asked why when I ‘m trying to work out a plan with him! After he hung up, I tried calling him for TWO months to work out a payment arrangement. I found out later that they rented the property out to someone else. How can they rent it out and I ‘m STILL liable for the payment! I ended up settling with the collection agency for XXXX $ but now I want my money back AND for the negative info to be deleted off my credit report! They would n’t even give me a chance to pay it! I had to leave the city because of the XXXX situation so, phone was my only way of contact with them.

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