Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My wife and I have been getting phone calls from XXXX. The caller says that they are a debt collector and want to verify that I am who they are trying to contact by giving them my SSAN.

I did a reverse phone look-up on XXXX and the owner ‘s name is not available. So, I called XXXX and the answering machine claims I was call the Van Ru debt collection agency.

Someone came on the line and wanted me to verify my name and phone number before he would tell me why I was calling. I asked if he had caller I.D . and he said yes. So, I told he knows who is calling him and I want to know why they were calling us. He said that he could not provide that information unless I gave him my social security number.

So, I hung up and called the New Hampshire Attorney General ‘s Office who asked me to call the FTC at XXXX. I did and am filing a complaint.

The New Hampshire Attorney General ‘s Office said that the Van Ru phone calls are a scam and that they are phishing for data.

Here ‘s the kicker – I do n’t owe anybody anything!

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