Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

The Apex asset management is trying to get money for rent for service XXXX/XXXX/XXXX XXXX XXXX $ XXXX in XXXX appartments, XXXX, PA. I do not live there since XXXX! I had lease for for period from XXXX for 1 year wich i signed. When i was leaving i told manager that i am leaving, i was roomate and the deptor was another girl, my classmate, she stayied there. I got letter from them ( Apex manegement ) that she left XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and i have to pay for 1 mons, because she left and did not pay for last mons. I have no idea, i did not see her already 3 years, i am living in XXXX 3 years since XXXX. Apex maneger told me anyway i have to pay, since i was in lease, but i signed for period 1 year ( XXXX ), i did not sign for 3 years. It is fraud, they crushed up my credit score and they opened dept collection now, wich i have to pay, but why? i do not live there since XX/XX/XXXXI have plenty of evidence that i live in XXXX since XXXX XXXX i have my job here, i have family, i have another lease agreement with another landlord since XXXX, i am making regular payments, i am person who will never drop something wich i have to do. Tank you for you help.

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