Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

We have a medical co-pay being billed to us that was paid via debit card at the time of service. The date of service was XX/XX/2016 for XXXX. It was a charge for my daughter. The hospital kept trying to collect this from me multiple times. Each time I would get a letter I would call the hospital and they said ” they would work on it ”. Well almost a year later I get a letter from Evergreen Financial Services saying to pay the {$30.00} dollar co-pay or get a judgement. I was mad to say the least! I sent in a copy of my bank statement showing the amount debited from my account on the day of service from their client. I called back to see if they received the proof of payment and now they have to talk to the client to make sure this is ok? I paid this money. I have proof! That should be the end of it!!! This is so unprofessional I do not know what to do. So this is the action I am taking. I will keep fighting this! I know it is only {$30.00} dollars, but it is about principle now.

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