Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Debt is NOT mine. I am a victim of Fraud. Multiple accounts ( credit cards ) have been opened within a time-frame when I was not even in XXXX. After finding out about the fraud through my credit-reports I placed a Fraud-Alert, went to the XXXX Police in XXXX and got XXXX involved. After those measures and disclosing proof that this debt is NOT my responsibility – it was FRAUD, all companies have withdrawn the fraudulent accounts BUT XXXX. The attached documents, statements and proof ( i.e. police report, proof that I was not even in XXXX when the Fraud occurred, multiple witnesses stateside and in XXXX, etc. ) will explain in detail!
I have been trying for years now for multiple collectors to get the point, IT IS FRAUD, but the account keeps being sold off. I never received anything in writing from any of them, including the original company, up until now.

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