Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX university is sticking me with a tuition bill for classes the university administratively withdrew me from. This is a scam and a way to get money.
I began a XXXX with XXXX Uni on XXXX XXXX, 2015. I was shocked to receive an email from the Financial Aid office stating that they will be sending some of my aid back to the US Dept of Ed because I had not been participating in class enough. I was then informed that the university was Administratively withdrawing me from the class. I immediately balked at this assertion. I also asked how the university even knew about my online activity for my class and asked if ” big brother ” was watching my clicks and logins. I also argued that the university had no right to take my financial aid and then withdraw me from class. Once the financial aid was sent back to US ED, XXXX stuck me with the bill for the class they had already withdrawn me from. It was the university ( Not me ) who initiated and completed the administrative withdrawal. It clear that they XXXX is using shady practices to commit fraud and get money out of unsuspecting Americans. They know that once they send financial aid back to the US ED, a tuition bill will result. Additionally, how can I be expecte to complete a course that I am withdrawn from? I asked if they were concerned about my clicked and logins to the online class, why didnt someone contact me to see what they issue was BEFORE initiating any adverse action. The university has all of my contact info, name, SSN, address, email, etc and could have easily contacted me about any attendance concerns. Instead, they hastily withdrew me from class without any regard to me as a student. I asked why wasnt I contacted and was told by a staffer that ” no one has to contact you, it ‘s not a requirement. ” I was dumbfounded by that statement. It is clear that this ” university ” has very shady business practices and is only concerned with getting money from students ; not in actually ensuring that students get a good college education or even graduate. They are, after all, a ” For profit university ” ( emphasis added )! The university has not acted in good faith throughout this ordeal. How could I complete the coursework if I did not have access to the classwork and class assignments after the withdrawal? I still have yet to get a response to that question.

I did a little research on line and found that several other thousands of people have experienced the same thing from XXXX University. So apparently, this is a business practice. This is away they get money … off the backs of unsuspecting students who are blindsided by being withdrawn. Well, this student is taking a stand and will not allow this faux ” university ” to continue to prey on people ‘s real goals and ambitions to get an education, only to be railroaded by this company. My outstanding tuition bill is bogus and I do not owe it.

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