Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I signed up with XXXX XXXX XXXX for internet & TV service in XXXX, Oregon. My bill was never correct despite many calls to customer service. I finally gave up. I cancelled my service, disconnected it, and made payment for my final months of service at the rate I originally contracted.

With my final payment I included a letter detailing the problem, my calculations, and that this was a final payment for the unpaid portion of my account at the contracted rate. XXXX accepted the check in XXXX 2015 and never commented on my letter.

In XXXX I was contacted by Convergent Outsourcing, a debt collection service working on behalf of XXXX. I disputed the charge, which Convergent ” verified ” by providing a copy of a XXXX bill. I sent Convergent a cease and desist letter along with proof that the debt was invalid — which was a copy of the final letter I had sent to XXXX and a copy of the check.

Convergent contacted me again on XXXX XXXX, ignoring my cease and desist letter, with an identical ” we ‘ve verified this debt is valid ” letter.

XXXX ‘s billing practices are predatory and Convergent Outsourcing, its debt collection service, ignores proof that the debt they are trying to collect is invalid and ignores consumer demands to break off contact.

Please help!

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