Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Recieved from ARA Inc., a demand for payment of dept totally {$7100.00} off a Bank called XXXX. I have never heard of XXXX, much less owe anyone 7k. I contacted them, they threatened to take me to court and I ” would pay all attorney fees ” they claimed. I demanded the proof I ever owed thisy be sent to me. They refused ( woman claiming she is ‘XXXX ‘, and a Supervisor he claimed, saying he was ‘XXXX ‘ ) XXXX was threatening, obnoxius and refused to speak to me after my request. I then was connected to this XXXX, who claimed they were about to take me to court. I told them go for it, because they knew I would win. He was outlandish and said he had no problem being recorded. I was harrassed repeatedly to PAY MY BILLS. They stated they had the loan information in front of them, but refused to provide such proof or such information, just ” send us the money! ” after they refused I decided to investigate the Company as it was clear this likely was a sham, and found multiple complaints online filed against ARA Inc, in which the posters stated they recieved almost identical amount demands, identical claims of the bank they had never heard of, and outragious treatment once they tried to make contact. XXXX off of XXXX sight alone with the identical stories. It greatly disturbs me that in all likely hood elderly are being targeted and unknowingly paying off bills without questioning the sources of such ” bills ”. I was told I owed {$2000.00} to begin with, ( never happened ) and then it had built up over the years. I demand copies showing such bills, and such transactions and proof this was myself and not another party using my name. They are refusing to provide it. I contacted them back on learning they were duplicating same amounts or close enough to be the same to XXXX if not XXXX of others across the US who had the same story I did, that they never wracked up such charges even in the past. The company has refused outright to provide it or to provide information. I asked to speak to their lawyer team, I was refused based on what this person claiming to be XXXX said, ” It was his job to protect the attorneys. ” I dare this company to file legal actions and allow me into court to prove they are defauding the public.

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