Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This company called ” tecco Systems ” has been harassing me for over a month about a debt incurred way back in XX/XX/XXXX.One the first call. some lady just called me out of the blue and started yelling and screaming at me that I ” BETTER PAY! – you-d BETTER PAY ME! ” … .I asked her to send me paperwork about what this was about..
I actually had to call back, to make sure this was a company, and not just some woman who may have got my credit report.Also, there was NO mention that the call was being recorded, and no disclaimer that ” this is an effort to collect a debt. ” etc, turns out this XXXX dollar debt was from a doctor..awy back in XX/XX/XXXX XXXX and ahllf years ago. I made arrangements with that doctor, and I do n’t understand why this company is harassing me now. obviously, this was a case closed, years ago.
I did now receive anything in the mail, as I had requested., they called and harassed me repeatedly, even on XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX.Today I answered their call, again stated that I neede a copy of why I owed this, they jut said they sent it. I never got it and I got screamed at again, by a woman named ” XXXX ” .she said ” look if you ‘re not gon na pay, we ‘ll just put this as a collection on your credit report ” I never said I was n’t going to pay, I merely asked for validation oof the debt.
I have always paid my debts. being screamed at over something that was resolved in XX/XX/XXXX, is deplorable. Still. no ” this call is from a collector.. ” disclaimer and I had to ask if this conversation was being recorded. she said no. I said, well this, conversation SHOULD be recorded ”. she yelled that they mailed me something on XX/XX/XXXX XXXX, no,,, I do n’t hink so, I never got it. she told me that I had to email Them for them to email me a copy of whatever they sent me. Anyway … .they are violating the fair debt collection practices in SO many ways. ” tecco systems ”

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