Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My Son injured himself on XX/XX/XXXX and needed prompt medical care. I provide secondary insurance for him as dictated by XXXX. I live in XXXX. All of his medical bills were paid by the primary insurance as his Mother made sure the hospital had the all of the correct information ( she also works XXXX ). Anyway, approximately XX/XX/XXXX, my old insurance policy received a claim for {$140.00} which they promptly did n’t approve as some XXXX months had elapsed. Fortunately, I had the occasion to speak to my Ex-Wife on this topic, so she called XXXX to which she was told there is a {$0.00} balance for all of his services- which exceeded $ XXXX when all complete. Approximately XXXX, Medical Data Systems reported to all XXXX credit agencies that I had an unpaid medical bill for {$140.00}. To that point in time, I had received nothing from anyone in reference to any claims OR monies due by me. I immediately called Medical Data Systems to which I was told ” I owe them this money ”. I asked why have n’t I even received an invoice, the response was ” we sent many! “. I then asked can I get another copy of it emailed or faxed or something? ” We have already sent you many ” .. ” You owe us this money! “. I then asked How are they so certain that I do owe them this money- ” We have a signed document, by you, stating you would pay anything if not covered by insurance ” .. At this point, I insisted I see something from them as I was n’t even IN the state XXXX during this time- or the month before OR after the injury, their response was ” We do n’t send out this kind of sensitive information ” ..
I then went through all XXXX credit agencies normal complaint forms and within an hour I received an undisputed report removal on my XXXX and XXXX reports. However, the XXXX report remained as I owed the unpaid medical bill.
To this dateXXXX years and XXXX month post service- I continue to not have received anything from XXXX XXXX OR Medical data Systems. I did asked my Ex-Wife to check back with XXXX this past XXXX and XXXX confirmed {$0.00} are due to them AND they also had no idea of who XXXX XXXX even was- no mention of anything in the database of my name.
XXXX more call to Medical Data Systems after hearing this news from her in late XXXX yielded the SAME results- but they were very happy to offer me of take my payment by credit card this time! I obviously declined their offer. I did asked for them to confirm my address- to which they countered with ” its your obligation to provide to us your address since you owe us the money ”. If I truly owed this money- I would pay the money owed, BUT I do not and I can not get Medical Data Systems to prove to me that I do. The {$140.00} is not worth the headache of a credit ding- I cant help to feel as though they are just trying to rip me off here.

Please help me on this? My cell phone number is XXXX.

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