Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have been contacted regarding an account for a debt that is not mine by Convergent Outsourcing, representing XXXX XXXX for an account associated with XXXX. This account is not mine. When I informed the representatives that the debt was not valid and in the process of repeated attempts to get verification of the debt, Convergence Outsourcing/ XXXX XXXX XXXX the following violations of fair debt collection practices : 1. Representatives from XXXX XXXX, XXXX, or Convergent Outsourcing contacting my family members ( I am assuming you got this information from social media ) attempting to reach ” XXXX regarding a business matter ” for a debt that is over 8 years old. – When I returned their call with my daughter, a lawyer, on line and she requested verification of the debt and an end to the calls, we were given a fake name for the person they were looking for regarding this account ( XXXX XXXX ).

2. Calls to my cell phone regarding this account where, after I denied the account was valid, I was told that they would serve me papers at work, at home, ” or wherever ” by the district court which was an implicit threat to sue me on a debt that is not only not mine, but well past the statute of limitations for debt collection lawsuits.

3. Representatives from Convergent Outsourcing repeatedly refusing to provide account information to my authorized legal representative despite my giving verbal authorization for such communication and be being on the phone line during the conversation. – Convergent Outsourcing also repeatedly denied being in possession of the account to my authorized legal representative despite sending me requests for payments. – Requests for verification of this debt were repeatedly denied to my authorized legal representative with Convergent Outsourcing insisting they did not have the account despite having sent me a bill and attempting to call me regarding this account that same day!

4. Reporting of a debt that is over 7 years old to the credit bureaus. – This needs to be removed immediately as this is not a valid debt. – This needs to be removed immediately as this debt is over 7 years old.
These issues will be reported to the consumer finance protection bureau. Any further

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