Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX XXXX continues billing me for a debt that is not mine. I had shut down services and moved and have proof of it, yet they continued billing me. Now they have a debt collector after me even though I have sent the collector a certified letter to stop contacting me, yet they continue to.

They reported negative report on my credit that has harmed my credit rating without proving the debt is mine, I have asked them to remove the negative report, they ignore me.

They have called my family, revealing they were a debt company looking for me because I was visiting my family when they did so, which is in violation of my rights. They have violated several debt collection practices, and hurt my family relations as well as my credit. They ignore my letters, which, by law, they were to have stopped sending me collection bills. They obviously think they ‘re above the law or no one knows their rights.

I have been harassed for 10 years regarding a debt that is not mine, and is also in violation of debt collection practices because there is a 6 year statute of limitations on debt collection in Massachusetts. They have hurt my credit score for years now, and I want restitution for the damages they ‘ve done to me!

They fail to obey every aspect of Fair Debt Collection laws, disregarding letters and time limits to collect debts. I hope the FTC will be able to do something to them that I can not.

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