Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX is the original Creditors. For a credit card limit of {$400.00}. Dollars I left a balance of {$120.00}. In XXXX Midland Credit Management, is the Collection company..for XXXX, They called me XXXX XXXX, XXXX Told me I Owe {$12000.00} to XXXX.
I Asked them to send me Proof of my debt, and signature, they told me they do n’t do that, I must prove I do n’t Owe this debt. I was told that a Judgment has been fild agents me. I had been served in XXXX! I ‘ve never been service! or Ever Owed Anyone Such A Large Amount!
In XXXX or XXXX I had a Cash Line of Credit of XXXX/dollars deposited in my account by XXXX. and a Limit of XXXX. I Only Used {$1600.00} dollars and Left owing {$1200.00}.! When They Went Bankrupt. Out of business, Know where to send payment to. Is the only reason for that last balance of {$1200.00}. The Only Other Debt I Had was a car loan.! That was Paid Off. I Never Owed {$12000.00}. To XXXX.
And A Judgment.!?! I Need this Removed from my Credit File and What Judgment!!??!! They keep saying I ‘m going to be served, or was Served, threatened to Trying to garnish my account, its a Federal government child subsided Adoption Refund, Go to my Employer, Possibly Arrest Me..Every time I clear my credit, these creditor ‘s start again …!! Please help.!!!

Before this Agency it was a {$16000.00}. Dollar debt!?!
I also Never Owed in XXXX form XXXX collection agency. from XXXX, This is Fraud.!! The Same Debt I Do n’t Owe only the Amount have Changed.
XXXX I had Only XXXX {$10000.00} dollar Credit Limit Never Used The Money The Company Went In Bankruptcy.!! The Money Went Gone back to Them. I do n’t Owe this And I Want All So called Judgments Removed as I Did n’t Owe this Debt..!!! Fraud..

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