Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

RE : Collection Debt with Professional Debt Mediation ( XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, XXXX, FL XXXX ) in the amounts of {$2800.00} and {$500.00} Dear Sir/Madam : Yesterday I discovered that XXXX collection items were reported on my credit report on XXXX/XXXX/2010. I disputed these items stating that they could not possible belong to me. I called the collection agency and they informed me that they had documentation from your company that I had abandoned my apartment to escape eviction, did not pay rent, left the apartment in disarray among other things. Needless to say, I was shocked because absolutely none of this happened!

On XXXX XXXX, 2010 I returned home from the holidays and found my door had been kicked in. I immediately called the onsite security while I sat in the parking lot watching my apartment. I called several times but there was never an answer. I found out later from the leasing agent that the security officer had been fired, however, none of the tenants had been notified. Since I could not contact security, I called the XXXX County Police Department. A female officer answered the call and she walked through my apartment to ensure no one was still in there. She also tried to take prints of the shoe print on the door. She waited while I called my father and my son. They arrived about twenty minutes later.

My father and son was with me when the maintenance man came to repair the door frame. The wooden frame was destroyed and an area right above the keyhole was indented, you could see outside. The maintenance man found XXXX pieces about XXXX to XXXX inches long and nailed them back. The rest of the right side of the door ( from the inside ) was in splinters. I asked him how would it take to replace the frame and he said the complex had no obligation to replace it. The next day I talked with the leasing agent and she confirmed it. I lived right across from the leasing office and she walked with me to see the damage and she still concurred that they would be doing no further repairs on the frame. Right then I told her that I felt unsafe, feared for my life and I would be moving the same day, XXXX XXXX. She said she understood and I told her to call me to let me know if I owed for those two days or for the entire month. She said since it was only the second day, I did n’t owe anything as long as I was out that day.

I lived by myself in that apartment, I had XXXX bed, washer and dryer and a living room suite . My apartment was immaculate. Under no circumstances would I have left that apartment filthy. I never had any problems living at XXXX until the break-in. To hear that I am accused of skipping out on rent assaults my character. My rent was only about {$600.00} and I was making {$65000.00} a year. Living at XXXX afforded me the opportunity to pay for my son ‘s college education. A few months after moving from XXXX, I found another apartment in XXXX, paying {$1200.00} a month. No one skips out on {$600.00} rent to pay {$1200.00}. You can check my payment history and you will see XXXX never had a problem from me as a tenant.

I would like to resolve this issue as amicably as possible. I did not skip out on rent. I do not owe {$3300.00}. The information given to PDM and the courts was false. My father and son witnessed the repairs. The current leasing agent says she is still trying to reconcile issues that remain after XXXX XXXX XXXX stopped managing the property. Please contact the collection agency and have them remove this debt from their records. Contact me at any time. Thank for your time and assistance in this matter.

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