Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I took a credit card for furniture ( in store card ) XX/XX/XXXX. The original debt was for {$1800.00} Interest free. The Debt was sold from XXXX to XXXX XXXX to The XXXX. From XX/XX/XXXX- XX/XX/XXXX I paid every month as promised. I never missed a payment and it was on ” autodraft ” so I was never late. I ended up paying {$2100.00} over 4 years. Keep in mind through-out this 4 year period I stopped receiving bills from XXXX, I called as to why and nobody could help me. I had no idea it had been sold to XXXX XXXX until XX/XX/XXXX when I was contacted by a collection agency asking for {$1900.00}. I back tracked again XXXX, who again knew nothing, I called XXXX XXXX, who told me the debt was not theirs anymore and knew nothing. My issue is I have proof that I paid the loan in full via my bank statements. {$53.00} a month every month. However, nobody can explain or show proof as to why 5 years later after paying {$2100.00} on a {$1800.00} interest free credit card … I now owe {$1900.00}?! That would be {$4100.00} on {$1800.00}. Please help me. This has ruined my credit and the collection companies are saying I still owe them money on a debt that NEVER existed to be sold!!

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