Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This company is attempting to collect on a FRAUDULENT debt! They have been making unauthorized inquiries on my credit reports. First, IF those debts are actually mine, they are outside of the Statute of Limitation for legality of debts. Also, Dynamic Recovery Services would be able to provide actual PROOF of the legitimacy of the debt. They have DENIED this! Secondly, I DO NOT OWE THE DEBT THEY ARE CLAIMING I OWE! I attempted to call them to inform them that I am aware of the numerous complaints for fraudulent activity against their company, and they were to cease and desist immediately. One of their ” representatives ” told me that he was ending the conversation because I was being ” unprofessional ”. I was not being unprofessional. I was being TRUTHFUL in telling them that they have been caught in an ILLEGAL LIE! They are attempting to do the same thing to my husband, XXXX XXXX, for approximately the same amounts. These ” debts ” are supposedly for ” medical services that my husband and I have never received. Also, per the Fair Credit Consumer Act, those ” debts ” are to include the actual date of service. However, NOTHING that Dynamic Recovery Solutions has provided, shows that information. Therefore, they are trying to illegally collect on a phantom or fraudulent debt.

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