Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XXXX/XXXX/2013, XXXX ( at XXXX XXXX ) in XXXX XXXX, Indiana told me that my upcoming XXXX would cost me ( out of my pocket ) {$25.00} deductible and either {$12.00} or {$26.00} extra based on whether it was an easy XXXX or a difficult one. XXXX said that ” the rest will be written off because of our contract with XXXX XXXX. ” They XXXX out on XXXX/XXXX/13. Afterwards, despite having what I was told was an easy XXXX, I was told that I owed the higher {$51.00} amount. Fine. So I paid it off before leaving the office that same day. Then, in XXXX, I get a bill from XXXX XXXX corporate office for another {$60.00}, still owed for my procedure!!!! I called XXXX at the XXXX XXXX office where I had my procedure done, and explained that I paid the bill in full … … .The {$51.00} that I was told was my share of the complete bill. She left the phone, and came back shortly. XXXX exact words to me when she returned to the phone was ” Yes, you are correct. The total charge should have only been {$51.00}! ” which I had already paid! So I also called ” XXXX ”, back from the corporate office, and informed him what XXXX said. Next thing I know, I ‘m getting another {$60.00} bill in XXXX 2013 from a DEBT COLLECTION company! So I called ” XXXX ” from this IC SYSTEM debt collection company, and explained this entire scenario to her. I emphasized that XXXX, from XXXX, told me TWICE on 2 different occasions that my total bill of {$51.00} was paid up, and I owed nothing further!!! What kind of company is this ” XXXX XXXX??? ” Now it ‘s affecting my CREDIT SCORE!! iT ‘S GONE FROM XXXX DOWN TO XXXX! That ‘s not fair!! Please get back to me ASAP. I ‘m considering calling the BBB. XXXX XXXX XXXX

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