Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I am being constantly harassed by the law firm Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in XXXX, Georgia. I had a debt two years ago, where I reached an agreement with the original creditor XXXX XXXX XXXX Bank to pay the principal in a lump sum, and the rest would be forgiven due to my financial circumstances. I have not received any communication from the original creditor for over two years, then suddenly in 2015 I started to receive constant and harassing telephone calls from the attorneys at Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in XXXX, Georgia saying I owed a debt for an amount that is much larger than the original balance that was resolved. I have contacted the law firm several times asking for PROOF of the amount owed and I recorded a representative saying ” he only worked there ” and as a collection agency he did not know how they came up with the amount I am being sued for. So my understanding is that you can constantly harass a young woman by telephone, mail, take them to court and expect them to pay an amount that as a law firm you can not show proof or a breakdown of what is supposedly owed?!?!?! I have other recordings to show that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in XXXX, Georgia were not trying to resolve the matter ; after constantly contacting them or leaving messages I was hung up on or my calls were never returned. I asked my original creditor to provide proof of the debt owed and they could not. I was told the account was closed. I sent the law firm an Answer to their lawsuit denying any debt was owed and asking for proof of the debt. For the firm in return to respond and ASK FOR THE SAME THING?!?!? Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in XXXX, Georgia is the law firm suing me, constantly harassing me and expect for me to give proof of a debt resolved OVER TWO YEARS ago when they can not ; it is ridiculous. The law firm is causing emotional and academic damage due to the bullying tactics. The numbers do not add up of what they say I owe, and when I called them to try to talk to them, the lawyer only argued with me and would not show evidence of the exact amount. I have recordings and physical evidence to show the INCOMPETENCE and LACK OF EVIDENCE the law firm has of the debt I ” supposedly ” owed. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in XXXX, Georgia are sharks and need to be stopped!!!!!!!

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