Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Eight years ago I took out a payday loan from Cashcall/XXXX. I paid them back and the matter was closed. However, almost immediately after my husband XXXX ( he is ion the XXXX XXXX XXXX ) in XXXX of 2014, I have been receiving threatening calls from random phone numbers all over the US saying that I am going to be served with papers and my wages are going to be garnished if I do not pay my loan. They also try to get me to pay them what I owe right then and there so I would not get served with the fictitious papers. Of course, I have never been served and my wages are just fine. I know these are all scams so I ignored them.

The other day I returned a missed call on my cell phone. The area code was XXXX, which is XXXX, New York. I returned the call because my husband just transferred his GI Bill to me and I am trying to use it for XXXX school, so I believed this numbered belonged to the Regional VA office that is in fact, in XXXX. Instead, it was a no-name debt collection office saying that Cashcall has referred my past due account to them because I owe them {$8100.00} on a loan I took out 3 years ago. I did not take out a loan 3 years ago.

Once more, I was told my wages will be garnished and I ‘m having papers filed against me and I will be served. The woman I spoke with told me that they have already attempted to serve me with papers multiple times at my old address, which is my parents ‘ address, which has never happened.

Although I am very confident this is a scam, it has n’t ceased, and as someone who was once in a poor financial situation, it makes my XXXX every time! I am really at my wits end, and I can not imagine how many other people experience this, and how many other people actually actually pay out of fear.

These people obviously know that I previously had a loan from Cashcall and now using this information to prey on me. All of their claims are absolute nonsense, but it still makes me extremely nervous.

The phone number I called was ( XXXX ) XXXX.

Alos, here is a list of the other phone numbers:XXXXXXXXI do not know how to proceed to stop these scammers from bothering me. It seems to be quite an elaborate operation! Again, although I am pretty confident it is a scam, it is still scary. And for the sake of all the other people who go through this, someone needs to step in and get these people.

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