Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

A few years ago XX/XX/XXXX, ( unfortunately I ca n’t remember the date ), I ordered XXXX. The service tech came, installed the product. Within a matter of days XXXX XXXX would n’t work. At the cost of {$50.00} a tech came and fiddled around with the system got it working and stated that I will never get good reception because of the trees on my property. A couple of days later I called XXXX again because of no reception. Again, at the fee of {$50.00}, the tech stated I would need to have my trees removed to get good reception. I called XXXX XXXX and asked that they come and remove their system from my home. I called my previous carrier who showed up that very day to reinstall my XXXX XXXX.
XXXX sent me a shipping box to send them back their product. I paid my remaining bill and felt assured they were now a part of my past. Since that time XXXX XXXX has been trying to collect {$410.00} from me. XXXX states that when I requested their service it was ” understood ” that I was in a 2 year contract with them! I NEVER agreed to such a contract. They stated because I broke the contract, I owe them this money!!!
I feel they owe ME money!! I never received the service from them that I paid for. I had it for less than a month and it was never explained to me that I was in a 2 year commitment with them. I recently received a debt collection notice from a collection agency. I called them, stated this information again and they stated they will notify XXXX of my dispute and I should hear back in 60 days. I have had this conversation over and over and over again with XXXX XXXX. From my last conversation with XXXX, I ” understood ” they were closing this case and I did n’t owe them. I was very surprised to receive a debt collection notice from a collection agency.
I need your help to get them to STOP trying to collect money I DO NOT OWE THEM.

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