Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Over the past year or so, I have received calls from this company. They do not identify the company, only saying that they are trying to collect a debt for a XXXX XXXX. I tell them that all of my accounts are in good order and that I placed a freeze on my credit reports several years ago because of the data breach at OPM — OPM in fact sent me a letter saying that my data had been hacked. I ask the agent for the last XXXX digits of the SSN of the XXXX they are looking for, and they do not match mine. Each time, they tell me that they will remove my number from their database — and then I get another call. At no time have I provided them any personal information, not even the last XXXX digits of my Social Security Number, date of birth, etc.

On one of the calls, I was told that they were trying to collect a debt for a home security system ( this seems to be a common thread of the complaints against the company that I have read online ). Further, I was given the name of my wife, regardless of the fact that I never have never been married to a woman. I have lived in my house for 25 years and never have purchased an alarm system — why when I have XXXX dogs! — nor have I ever contacted any home alarm systems company.

The latest call was several days ago. I came home and found a voice mail from a ” XXXX ”, saying that I should listen to the message where no one else could hear. She then proceeded to say that she is trying to collect a debt — again no mention of what company she works for or what the debt is for. I did not call back this time, because I want to file a complaint with you all so that the calls stop.

Each time I get one of these calls — and by now, I recognize who it is, I Google the phone number and read the remarks others have posted about this company, which is Hillcrest, Davidson, and Associates XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX, TX XXXX XXXX ( That ” XXXX ” is at extension XXXX ) I do not know if this is a legitimate outfit or if these are scam calls. I would think a legitimate outfit would verify information first before calling — and I do consider these calls to be harassment..

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