Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Mortgage refinance – Title company found judgement against XXXX XXXX form XXXX XXXX. Although the address and date of birth did not match they would not clear title because somehow, Asset Recovery Group had my SS #. XXXX attorney ‘s I talked to said they frequently pull that information from data bases without verification. After several conversations with the title company ( WFG ) they ( Asset Recovery ) convinced them beyond a doubt that this was my debt. This is fraud. We were three days from signing … I had no choice but to pay someone else ‘s debt or loose my interest rate. {$2700.00}. I want my money back.

XXXX XXXX living in XXXX WA made numerous trips to the XXXX over several years around XXXX. She ended up owing XXXX which she defaulted on. XXXX reported this debt to the credit agencies on XXXX XXXX ‘s SS and then sold it to Asset Recovery who pulled my SS number from a data base, probably due to the similar date of birth. XXXX XXXX, however, was served at her home -in XXXX!!

All XXXX had to do was look at my credit reports to clearly see I have never lived XXXX and never been to the XXXX. My credit reports are spotless with a score of XXXX XXXX to be found. My children have know me for some time and never once visited me in XXXX.

The date of birth was wrong and in XXXX I had dark red hair – I only stopped dying my hair two years ago but you would not know that, no one ever called me …

Asset Recovery has stopped giving me information as they are realizing they have made an egregious error, but admitting that opens them up to a law suit. Collection agencies pull SS from data bases and errors are not uncommon. At our last communication they said ” we are not sure you are this person. ” They will not provide me the date of birth so I can order the medical records from the XXXX, because as the last XXXX attorneys I have spoken with have indicated … the XXXX will have the correct SS #. Gee, if I was really this person I should have no trouble getting my own medical records … thing is I ‘m not this person. I do n’t know her real SS or her real date of birth.

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