Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I took my Dad out of a XXXX ( XXXX ) because I found him XXXX, on another occasion I found him XXXX and requested that XXXX be called, and found out that he had the XXXX, and on the third occasion I found him XXXX, and I requested that XXXX be called, and found out that he had XXXX. I was doing a spend-down of my Dad ‘s funds to qualify him for XXXX., so since it was his money, I decided to use it for his care. He also had XXXX and XXXX insurances. I met with the business manager for a final balance. It was {$7000.00}. I wrote the check on XX/XX/XXXX, took him out of that XXXX, and went to a better XXXX where he got Wonderful care. He was in there before, but had a balance that insurance did n’t cover, which was {$4100.00}, and I paid them on XX/XX/XXXX. He was admitted, and XXXX pending, and all of his funds were going to this facility. On XX/XX/XXXX I received another bill for {$3800.00} from the XXXX facility that I took him out of due to neglect. There was no money to pay them because it was now going to the new facility. He was approved for XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX because his funds were down to {$1500.00}. Now he had XXXX insurances, the XXXX listed above, plus XXXX, that could have been billed the {$3800.00}. I had attorneys, and I told them that. My Dad passed away on XX/XX/XXXX, and as stated by my Guardianship Attorney, the balance in his account on XX/XX/XXXX was {$240.00}. I paid ALL of my Dad ‘s bills and bought everything possible for him to have a comfortable life in the second XXXX. All of my spending was approved by the courts that assigned me as Guardian, as well as my Guardianship attorney. I received the court notice dated XXXX AFTER my Dad passed away. I hired attorneys, and the attorneys in this case did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on my behalf, and I ended up getting sued for my Dad ‘s XXXX bill, even with the XXXX insurances. My Dad had XXXX upon entering the first XXXX, so SOMEONE had to sign for him, which was me. Only his funds were supposed to be used to pay the XXXX, not mines. My Attorneys advised that I agree to paying them with MY MONEY, ignoring what I told them about the insurances. I signed under duress because of a threat of garnishment for the entire amount. I made a down payment of {$1600.00} and made XXXX payments of {$150.00}. I missed XXXX payment because my Sister-in-Law was XXXX and I abruptly had to use that money to go to XXXX, TX. Since I missed a payment, my wages have been garnished, with this agency taking over {$300.00} out of each pay. The debt started out {$3800.00} + {$1700.00} for court costs, fees, which would total about {$5500.00}. So far, I have given them {$5500.00}. I went to the collection agency ( Weltman, Weinberg and Reis on XX/XX/XXXX at approx. XXXX. to get a balance quote, and was told that now the remaining balance owed is another {$2300.00}!!!! This debt has been inflated, and I feel is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for unfair collection practices. I was not warned as to the amount that was going to be taken. I should n’t have been paying with my funds. I want these payments to stop. This company has A BAD REPUTATION AND MANY NEGATIVE REVIEWS REGARDING THEIR PRACTICE OF INFLATING PAYMENTS AND TAKING EXTRA MONEY FROM PEOPLE, EVEN A CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITE AGAINST THEM. I would like to be included in this process. I was advised by another attorney that a ” Release of Judgement ” should be filed.
Please advise.

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