Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I never took any loan out, ever, from the company they alledge has hired them to collect the debt. They say I authorized a loan XXXX 2011 from ” XXXX payday loan ”. I have never done so. They claim to be ” concord resolution inc ”. The man would not let me question anything, talked over me loudly and rudely, and knew my social, which he said in its entirety over the phone. They also had an old address and the bank I belong to. I was threatened if I didnt pay XXXX in 10 days that my wages would be garnished and I would be taken to court, where a judge would impose my delinquint balance at 300 % interest and I would have to pay their attourney fees and court costs. He also threatened that he has ” the best attorney ” so good luck contesting this. Im absolutely freaking out right now. I hung the phone up on them and never received a call back which makes this more suspicious than it already is. Please help!!

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