Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This XXXX goes back when i went thru a severe hardship and had a near fatal accident right afterwards. during this period we had no medical health insurance, i am XXXX % XXXX, i have a very weak XXXX. my wife was not working, she is older then myself by XXXX years and also XXXX basically. in XX/XX/2013 i finally got my XXXX and had XXXX, but back then, my co-pay was {$3400.00} a month!! that ‘s right, {$3400.00} a month, why? because during the recession, lay-off ‘s, housing crash, etc. everybody that lost there jobs did n’t have any insurance, even the ones working had to pay higher insurance costs. now, back to this bill. actually, there were several put ‘together ‘ by my hospital, XXXX. which is the place where grant & weber are trying to collect {$880.00} from me. i called XXXX in the beginning of this year and spoke with their billing department ‘s staff and asked for a ” debt forgiveness ” ~ along with a very straight forward explanation as i generally shared with you the same thing above. within a few days, i was granted my debt forgiveness and i mailed copies to each and every collection agency in question. now, i am upset because i do not see this medical bill on my other XXXX credit data collection companies ; XXXX. gee, i wonder why?? XXXX out of XXXX usually wins. anyway. i sent everybody the exact same copie. a few months later i had an emergency and had to be in Texas, my older brother passed away. while i was there i found out that i had an outstanding medical bill, again?? they were all cleared up!! no!! something is definitely wrong here!! i mean, come on. if you guys are not organized? i should n’t be the victim here, if you are doing this because you see me as ‘an easy victim ‘ because i ‘m a XXXX ( XXXX ), please stop, i am fed up with it XXXX it!! i want to fix my credit scores and you keep putting ‘things ‘ that the other XXXX companies have already deleted because they got the exact same evidence i sent your company. now, please remove that medical bill off my credit report. i feel like this is a financial business for you debt XXXX, pick and choose ~ which people can you extort … oh!! here ‘s an easy XXXX!! let ‘s re-add a medical bill to him, call him and tell him he owes {$860.00}. then we ruin his day. do n’t you think it ‘s bad enough being XXXX living on a fixed income? I earned a lot of money during my entire career, that means i paid a lot on my taxes, insurance, ssi, ssdi, etc. XXXX was kind enough to give me that debt forgiveness and somehow grant & weber wants to profit from it, a gift of kindness. shame on you guys. i am so upset that we ca n’t trust any one no more these days, you guys are crooked as # $ # XXXX XXXX. I do n’t ever want to hear the name Grant & weber again, please get the XXXX out of my life! delete that debt. if you need a copy of that debt forgiveness, call equafax or trans-union to send you guys a copy XXXX it, i moved several personal boxes down to south XXXX when i went and stayed with my brother for a few months before he passed away. i ‘m back in XXXX now. so, this debt was ‘paid ‘ off with that ‘debt forgiveness ‘, unless you can provide me a copy of my debt forgiveness letter ( s ) that i mailed you from XXXX, that does not include this account specifically, i want this item removed. human errors or not! take it out! i do n’t care who gets fired.

thank you XXXX. i ‘m being 100 % honest when i said that i feel like i am being sorted out and victimized and extorted, i always feel like it because i always found easy ‘errors ‘. how would you feel? jubilant having to always have to pay high 29.9 % interest rates? or to be turned down for credit many times? to struggle throughout your entire life working XXXX times harder so you can obtain ” the XXXX dream ” because your credit scores are bad?

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