Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In 2014 I was approved for in store credit with XXXX. I went and purchased a washer and dryer. A week later the merchandise was delivered but it had been damaged, scratched and dented up. I asked that it be replaced, a few days later they showed up with new merchandise but this was damaged as well. It was replaced a third time with more damages so I went into the store and spoke with the manager and had my account closed, they refunded my deposit and scheduled for the merchandise to be picked up. This all happened before my first payment was ever due. Now 3 years later it is on my credit report as if I still have the merchandise and as if I never made payments. My account was closed and merchandise was returned so why would this be on my credit. Now XXXX has sold my debt to a collection agency making it look really bad on my credit. It needs to be removed from my credit as it is a false debt and not mine. I refuse to pay for a debt that XXXX created based off of their wrong doing. I have fought and pleaded to have this resolved over the years and all they are telling me is to pay the debt, even though it has been acknowledged by the store that they were in the wrong. Every time I call they said they cant find my account but now I am getting collection letters with my account number on them. I feel they are saying they cant find it because they do not want to help me resolve the issue and get it removed. Please help me!! You are my only and last option.

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