Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

i made my car note payment on the XXXX of XXXX about the XXXX of XXXX I along with the Account holder started getting calls about the payment we were told that the payment was decline, I explained that the transaction was ran twice approved the first time and declined the second time I was asked to fax my bank statement to there office I did that, a few days later more calls came in again I explained my situation about the payment ( this is a different person ) I was told that the fax was not able to locate it and ask to fax it again I not only fax it I hand delivered a copy to the XXXX office, again a few days later more calls came in this time I ‘m talking to XXXX I was told by here that I have been very uncooperative! now she ‘s asking to speak with my bank because I do n’t know what I ‘m talking about and get off the phone! so I ask XXXX who would you like to speak to from the bank im standing in the bank now? mind you I ‘m standing in the tellers window with the teller and Bank manager so I ask again ” XXXX who would you like to speak to from the bank I ‘m in the window now? she stated ” get me someone that knows what there talking about! I ask who XXXX would you like to speak to she either hung up on me or just refuse to talk I kept saying hello XXXX 5 times she never replied so I hung up and called back, then she started shouting I hung up on her, by now the Bank manager suggested that XXXX call her direct? XXXX stated she could n’t call the bank and the manager of the store said she could n’t talk on my phone, so I ask XXXX what do you want me to do you cant call and she cant get on my phone? at this point XXXX decided she would call the Bank which is illegal, after XXXX spoke with the Bank Manager about my account she ask to talk back to me when I get on the phone now XXXX is asking for my Credit card information Card number expiration date and security code which is totally unethical. then I spoke with several other peoples from Honor Finance and no one could find or figure out what happen to the payment, after I gave all my CC info I was told by XXXX she would call me and the bank to inform us on the status of the issue this was on or about the XXXX 2017, after speaking with XXXX a few days later I got a call form a manager XXXX? I explained to him the situation he began to laugh! I ask was it funny he stated he ‘s not laughing at me but at what I ‘m going thought so it let me know that the treatment I ‘m getting is really a practices no one took the time to find the payment but everyday I was receiving calls about the payment from at least XXXX different employees of Honor Finance.

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