Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I went to XXXX university XXXX XXXX. They stated that I still owed them money in XXXX in the amount of {$10000.00} which I have no clue where this number came from because XXXX will not let you register for classes if you still owe money from a previous semester. I was making monthly payments to them in the amount of {$150.00} a month for 4 years straight which came to a little over {$7000.00}. When I called them to ask my account balance they told me that I still owed {$7600.00}. when I asked them how could this be they stated that out of the {$150.00} I was sending them a month only {$50.00} was going towards the actual bill and that {$100.00} was going towards late charges every month, which I was not made aware of this due to the fact that the payments would be late for the life time of the debt. I explained to them that this was ridiculous and I never even owed that large amount I only made payments because they kept threating to have me sued and would try to mess up my credit. I explained to them I had only owed a little over {$3200.00}. However XXXX had a collection company come after me when I refuse to pay anymore money to them. The law offices of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Regency Plaza XXXX XXXX, Pennsylvania XXXX, these people claim to have the Debt from XXXX, I have been making payments of {$50.00} per month for over 3 years now and they keep harassing me by calling threating to sue me in court, telling me they will destroy my life by messing up my credit. everytime they send me a bill its for a different amount IM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING HARRASED!!! I explained to them that the debt that they have in incorrect, when ask for them to check with XXXX for the original amount they are telling me that XXXX does n’t have the information any longer. they sent me a bill on XXXX XXXX XXXX saying I owe {$8900.00} I called and told them this was incorrect! then I got another bill on XXXX XXXX, XXXX saying I owe them {$9900.00} and this year they sent a letter saying that now interest will accrue at the rate of 6 % annum in accordance with state law. these people are rip offs I did n’t have all the proof of all my payments I have moved and switched banks a few times most payments where through my bank accounts sometimes it was sent through a money order but all the ones sent to the law office for collections was through XXXX of my bank accounts. I had missed a few payments when I found out I had XXXX I was n’t working had no income they continued to harass me saying they would sue me in court. I do n’t owe this money and I ‘m tired of paying them every month just for them to leave me XXXX XXXX should have to go through this, this is not right and I currently have no job after being out sick with XXXX and losing my job. I called XXXX they do n’t have a record of the exact amount or the exact amount of payments I made. this has been almost 7 years going through this

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