Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

As of XXXX, XXXX has been my Primary source of Healthcoverage.

Prior to this date, I ‘d never needed nor wanted either the State nor Federal Government to be of assistance. Due to the fact I was ( am ) a XXXX, I ‘d taken pride of my accomplishments and achieved goals. I was very financially independent. I paid ALL my bills before their due dates, an individual ( conventional loan @ lowest APR ) homeowner, vehicle owner ( paid off after 60 months with the lowest possible APR ). Literally, I ‘d achieved the proverbial ” American Dream ” as a young adult, then young middle aged woman.

Then, this happened : I ‘d lived in XXXX XXXX, XXXX for XXXX wonderful years, until the Nation ‘s largest Natural Disaster of the Century, XXXX XXXX, came bustling through with her winds figuratively knocking me to my knees. I, like true survivors do, brushed the dirt off and pulled my buit straps up for the sake of my life as a single mother of XXXX. NO! I was not a XXXX ” Victim ” looking for free handouts from every benevolent social or governmental source. I was even a donator of my time and whatever resources I had then, and distributed them to the REAL victims, the citizens of XXXX XXXX seeking immediate relief at the ‘Triage ‘ Center set up at the XXXX State Fair Grounds in XXXX XXXX .

Enough of sounding like the Martyred Saint. I, as most humans do, end up making poor choices with no regard to the foreseeable consequences. Indeed, what choices I were making, I truly had my family ‘s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, they always were n’t. And I ‘ve dutifully taken responsibility for any consequences I brought on myself. Obviously, poor financial decisions becomes one of them when their flying around like a chicken with their head cut off by scrambling to figure how to make ends meet ( all legal, of course ) It ‘s hard, it ‘s tough, and self-defeating actions occur when one believes they ‘ve hit their personal rock bottom.

In the lowing wake of XXXX, I made the snap irrational decision to put my home for sale, bc the real estate value rocketed due to SO many displaced citizens searching to buy. I uprooted my single mother of XXXX life, and moved to XXXX in order to be closer to family. Almost immediately following, I met and married a man I barely even knew XX/XX/XXXX. The rest speaks for itself, the financial crumbling ruins of ALL I ‘d worked so tenaciously to achieve. He soon became a XXXX on every level imaginable. He stole from my banking account, never allowed me on his all resulting in XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX. And, I had n’t a shred of evidence to prove otherwise. To wrap it up, I fled with my daughter with only the clothes on our back to the closest XXXX. I ‘ve since, been fighting my way back up for the last three and one half years. My now, XXXX year old, amazing daughter and I are recovering happily on every level. However, financial decisions are n’t up to her as a XXXX. I ‘m doing all I can to tame the ominous credit vipers in order to get FULLY back on my feet again financially which is near impossible with such a low poor credit score. All my medical bills are certainly going to be disputed and their collection agencies, to their attorney ‘s fees, because I ‘ve by the grace of those TRULY in need,! have been covered under XXXX which is now called ” XXXX XXXX XXXX ” – XXXX XXXX. Sorry to sound melodramatic of it all, bc I ca n’t stand melodrama myself. But, I need financial help and advising immediately. Thank you so much, in advance for all you ‘re able to do.

Sincerely, XXXX XXXX

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