Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XXXX/XXXX/2015 I looked on my credit report and discovered there was A collection entry on my report that I was n’t aware of nor did I know why it was there. The collection agency Eastern Account System reported to all 3 credit bureau that I have an unpaid bill balance to XXXX XXXX for the amount of {$1100.00}. Now The fair credit act states that I am supposed to be contacted by any one that collects a debt against me. I was not no notices no phone calls not even an email. Secondly, I have been a XXXX customer for 9 years or so and still to this very day. No deliquincies on my account nothing. Now how do I have another account with the same company open. Fraud this does not belong to me this should have never been reported and it should be removed right now!! People work had to mintain their lives every single and I do n’t need his hindering me from my dreams. You have scarred my credit. My credit has taken a hit because of this and you need to rectify it right now

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