Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

We agreed on a monthly payment plan of {$400.00} a month for my outstanding medical bills from a hospital visit. After three monthly payments that were all made as agreed and on time I was able to get payment from my health insurance company and paid off over {$4900.00} in one month. They then attempted to collect the remaining {$260.00} the next month and said that I was late paying. I said does n’t the {$4900.00} payment mean I ‘m months ahead of schedule and she was rude and said it does n’t work like that. This is not the original agreement at all, I ‘ve paid well over {$400.00} a month and am close to paying off the entire amount a year early! I do not like being threatened to go to court or have my wages docked after making a payment of almost {$5000.00}! These people should be struck off. To add insult to injury NONE of this was my fault but the fault of my health insurer messing up with the billing. They gladly admitted this and cut a cheque as soon as it was pointed out.

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