Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was liviing in XXXX NJ and subsequent to becoming XXXX and I had immediately received assistance for my heat … gas and electricity provided by XXXX .
In the new year XXXX XXXX, I moved over an hour away and NEVER re received any notice of owing any amount due, HOWEVER. .I did receive a postcard forwarded that stated the fund had unassigned benefit for XXXX only to be paid to the XXXX account for my profile on record.
I called and explained I had moved and had no bill and of course the credit I had completed a timely request for consideration was approved already and I had no action to take and to my surprise. I received the postcard and apparently the move had me off their system as per XXXX.
I was advised in I believe XXXX with the organization requesting the information to assist so that they would be able to find me to confirm my status and to receive a 3rd party Attempt to Collect a Debt not owed, is bold at the very least and having not planned the incident that affected many, and needless to say, my personal self, my accustomed income through strong sense of service abd purpose, to add to this, so many negative responses through my credit and almost half either paid, insured or on this case, a serious lack of communication since XXXX was initially bouncing payment back and I handled it and as quickly as that, in turn they, The XXXX Local Branch advisd me of the payments rerouting and paid in full give a few extra dollars, I never heard back to support the actions of Convergent. ( The copy of what I received today is attached in this email. ) Again, unapplied funds in my name under my XXXX acct number for XXXX XXXX in XXXX were rerouted to XXXX XXXX XXXX to 3 yrs now.

I Thank You in Advance for Your Time and Attention!


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